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What is Homoeopathy ?

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which has a different approach to disease from that of conventional or allopathic medicine. The symptoms of the illness are viewed as an indication of the body's endeavour to heal itself and return to optimum health. Homoeopath's believe that, in treating like with like, the body is enabled to achieve an energetic freedom.


Homoeopathy has been well established for about 200 years and the principles upon which it is based have been known for thousands of years. It was organised into a modern science by Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor and chemist.

Homoeopathic Medicine addresses the causes of illness and assists the natural healing process to enable the energy flow within your body to revitalise. It treats each client as a whole and unique individual and promotes a return to vitality, natural rhythm and joy. May be used by anyone from birth onwards.

Whilst you may experience a remedy response following treatment, these principles are non-addictive non-habit-forming, and have no known side effects.

Relax in a calm, friendly, empathic, listening environment with confidentiality assured.

How Long will a Treatment Take?

The general state of health, lifestyle and length of time the condition has been prevalent will all influence the treatment required. Clients are generally seen on a monthly basis but, depending on the issue, consultations may be spaced differently.

The first consultation will take up to two hours when you will be asked a series of questions about your history, emotional and physical wellbeing.

As personalities and lifestyles are very different, clients having similar symptoms will not receive the same medicine.

Will my Condition Benefit from Homoeopathy?

Whilst it is important to maintain a good relationship with your General Practitioner, as medical intervention and tests are required in some situations, there are many conditions which may respond favourably to treatment in a natural way. It is possible to utilise the benefits of both systems to great effect.

Energy Medicine has a wide spectrum of use for many diseases
It is a Choice ... An Option ... A Change in Consciousness
It is the Healing Wisdom of Nature

Energy Medicine offers the same confidentiality as a visit to a General Practitioner. Choosing Energy Medicine can be a valuable and rewarding opportunity.

Our Clients and Services

Established for twenty years, this Energy Medicine Practice has attracted clients from national and international areas. Available options are outlined on individual pages of this website.

Personal and telephone consultations are available, therefore opening up availability for a wide geographical area.